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RhoCon 1 Memories

by Tim Whalen

I am the Tim Whalen who was the organizer and Chairman of the Rhocon 1 event.

I also wrote a number of columns in the US editions of PR. The fact of the anniversary had escaped my attention; how time flies.

Although a number of US science fiction authors attended, so did Forry and Wendayne Ackerman. Among the German PR writers were Walter Ernsting (Clark Darlton), Klaus Mann (Kurt Mahr) and Willie Voltz.

Several hundred attended; fewer than we had hoped, but we ended up competing with a Star Trek Convention in D.C. that year. Not that the attendees complained - everyone had lots of time to talk with the guests and we kept the VIP suite open almost all of the time.

The convention lasted three days. As a personal pleasure, Walter and his wife Rosie were able to join us at my home in Florida for a week, enjoying everything from the beach to the sight of alligators, pelicans and snowy egrets.

I remained in touch with Walter, from time to time, until his death in 2005. In fact, we last exchanged correspondence 6 months or so before he died. Walter and Rosie were great people to be around, and I remember fondly many stories about them.

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