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First, just how did RhoCon come about?

Well, I first met 4SJ and Wendayne at a science fiction convention in New York. From there, I got to know Forry pretty well, and he suggested that I start writing a fan column for the books.

As many of you know, the German series was being written up like this. Oddly, their publicity actually got us a number of European fans at the D.C. convention.

Well, back to the story. It was almost inevitable that a PR convention would occur one day, so Forry and I started talking, and pretty soon we had the people at Ace Books involved. Everyone was excited about doing the convention. Even Pabel Verlag, the German publisher ended up helping out. They sent issues of the 700th PR, which had just been purchased, along with a plethora of other PR delights, for free distribution and sale at the convention. They even paid the costs to send Willie Voltz.

Advertising was easy - we reached everyone anyway through my column in the Perry Rhodan books. Soon, a number of volunteers from the eastern seaboard offered their help, and that made a big difference. I used to live right outside of D.C. prior to moving to Florida and a number of my friends offered to help. So I booked a conference hall, film projection room, "huckster" and art gallery space, and a room we used for management and staff.

BTW, you won't believe this, but I was 14 years old at the time.

So with the help of the Ackermans, Ace Books, Pabel Verlag and the volunteers, we were set up for a New Year's Eve weekend convention in Washington.

More about the convention and some personal stories about the guests in my next installment. And let's not forget about that giant rodent who kept making a mess of the VIP room and leaving old carrot tops everywhere.

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