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The theater kept up a running schedule of science fiction films throughout the convention.

The huckster room was stocked with not only PR books, but a large selection of new and used science fiction books of all ranges. And the selection of art (including some original PR cover art) also was diverse and kept the crowd amused.

Several hundred PR fans showed up at the Sheraton Park Hotel for the convention and we were pretty well spread out at that hotel. The authors, both German and American, including our Co-Guest of Honor, the venerable A.E. van Vogt, discussed science fiction in general. But of course, most of the discussions centered around Perry Rhodan and the adventures to come.

The Germans were over 700 books ahead of us, and who could have guessed at the time that we would lose PR and that the Germans would go well past the 3,000 issue point.

The crowd was small enough that we simply flung the doors of the VIP suite open and everyone got a chance to ask about PR and the plans to come. Forry, our other co-Guest of Honor, found a nice comfortable spot and kept the circle of fans around him enthralled with a wide selection of stories. Forry's alway's been good at keeping people entertained. On a finger Forry wears a ring that once belonged to Bela Lugosi, and that got a few ooh's and aah's.

The German writers were everywhere, but often not too far from the bar. Walter Ernsting ordered a Lowenbrau ("Lion's Brew" beer, a brand common in Germany). He pronounced it correctly, but the waitress couldn't understand him. It's pronounced "Lowen," which rhymes with "oven", the "w" sounding like a "v." And "brau" rhymes with "roy," not "cow". I translated for the waitress and Walter could not stop laughing, saying "Lowenbrau" over and over again as the waitress had pronounced it.

I must say that most of the attendees had more fun in the evening than at the events planned for the daytime. We were up against a Star Trek convention in town, and I'm sure that drove a few attendees away, so I went over and stole George Takei and Jimmy Doohan away to come and enjoy the hospitality of the VIP suite for a while. I knew Jimmy and George from other conventions, and it made for a nice surprise. My right-hand-man, Avery Goodman, had an adjoining room, and I often had to escape there to avoid the bedlam of the VIP suite.

Running a convention for three days virtually around the clock will wear anyone down. Thankfully, I had an enthusiastic staff and helpful guests.

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