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One of the key events of the convention was a banquet where everyone gathered for the evening. As I recall, Forry served as Toastmaster.

Given the size of the convention, it was a small and intimate affair and many of the celebrities joined attendees at their tables throughout the room. It was a pleasant few hours.

And speaking of a pleasant few hours, the evening before I gathered the guests and some staff together and we enjoyed dinner at Old Europe in Georgetown. We got a long table downstairs in the Rathskeller and ordered food and drink. I learned that one should not clink a glass with ceramic beer steins, or else you end up with glass and beer everywhere. It was a nice treat for all of us to get away for a few hours and enjoy a meal.

Another enjoyable event came about by accident. We had planned on having another 100 or so attendees, and many of the costs had been calculated by a higher attendance. So this time the convention's guests really pitched in and soon we had a stack of Perry Rhodan paraphernalia which we were to able to auction off, and this included a copy or two of a book of graphic illustrations of the ships of the Imperium, showing cut-away sections of battleships and ships and stations that hadn't even entered the US series yet.

Our guests also auctioned themselves off, and many an attendee got to join Forry, Wendayne or the authors at their own private dinner at the hotel. Lastly, we even auctioned off a special appearance by fans in an actual PR adventure. Several winners got to see themselves portrayed as actual PR characters in a German issue of the book. As a gift, Walter was kind enough to give me a leading role in PR 772, where Pucky and I have an adventure and are contacted by a messenger from IT. The planet we are on is named Vrinos, but the flagship has to leave on IT's advice, and I remain behind to save the inhabitants from destruction. That was a very kind gift and typical of Walter. That issue is the last of the PR memorabilia that I have.

So we come to the end of RhoCon I, and unfortunately (and unknown to us at the time) Ace Books would also be ending its association with Pabel Verlag not long after.

But for 3 days in Washington D.C., American Rhofans, Forry, Wendayne, the U.S. publisher and of course the principal writers of our PR adventures were able to spend a weekend together. It was a wonderful event, and I am truly touched by the many e-mails that I received that so many of you are still interested in an event that happened 30 years ago. 

Tim Whalen

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