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"Behind the Wall of Time"

Although, the Posbi book is now on hold, fans may still be interested in the original promo material.  Below is an excerpt from Perry Rhodan #146, Behind the Wall of Time.

Below is an excerpt from Behind the Wall of Time, featuring Division Three and the robot Meech Hannigan:

Meech reacted as soon as his analyzers relinquished control. His most urgent task was to bring the two organic beings beside him out of the danger zone. He was certain the attack was meant for him alone. There was no safe way for him to leave the car and get as far away as possible.

Without warning, Meech pushed open the right side door and leaped out. The vehicle ended up in a violent roll, as it suddenly lost the considerable weight of his metal body. Meech fell onto the grass, but half a second later, he was already on his feet again, running toward the protective wall of the forest.

They were closing all around him. He could feel them, sense the radiation of their bodies. Their hissing shots penetrated his flesh, tearing into his circuits. He stopped and began fighting back, once he knew the two organic beings were beyond danger. He activated the emergency circuits of his complex body. With a weapon in each hand, he fired all around him. He sensed the hostile pressure diminish a bit when the energy of his shots discharged into the thin shield of the relativity field, which made the adversary invisible to human eyes. But he knew he could not hold his ground for long. The enemy weapons were stronger. He was showered by a merciless hail of fire which passed easily through the relativity field, at a point where it couldn’t be more than a fraction of a second strong.

With a swift leap, Meech changed his location, escaping the concentrated fire for a moment. Crackling and hissing, the crown of one of the trees above him caught fire. Grinding, it toppled forward and crashed down. Meech had to flee once again. All around him, the ground began to give off clouds of smoke. The decaying foliage faded in the invisible, sweltering heat, while the loosening ground melted and streamed together into gray puddles. Smoke rose up, and obscuring the scene.

Somewhere at the edge of his consciousness, Meech heard the screams of the two people he had left behind. He was forced to disregard it, his attention focused on his invisible adversary. It wasn’t so much that he wanted to survive at any cost; a robot has only a limited instinct for self-preservation, and death for him would not be painful. But he had to hold out long enough to tell Ron Landry what he had found here. The solution to all the riddles could be found in this valley!

Blurred shapes were suddenly beside him. A rasping voice stammered meaningless words before him. Someone grabbed Meech by the shoulder. The enemy fire ended as Meech sensed the opponent reinforce its relativity field, hiding itself behind a thicker wall of time. The enemy had retreated.

He willed himself to move, easing the burden of his heavy metal body from his supporting arms. The dense smoke dispersed. Scorched grass covered the ground. Haika stood before him, waving her arms about.

Groaning, Meech dropped to the ground. Even in these moments of extreme demand, he played his role perfectly. He carefully lowered himself onto the brown grass and sighed, “I think, I need a minute to rest.”


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