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"The Machines Run Amok"

Although, the Posbi book is now on hold, fans may still be interested in the original promo material.  Below is an excerpt from Perry Rhodan #147, The Machines Run Amok.

The fragment ship appeared on the space detector control screen as a bright speck. There it maintained its waiting position, a standing invitation for the Terran to come on board.

Had the commander of the gigantic ship been human, he would have grown impatient long ago. The Plasma however, waited motionless in the system of Taphor’s planet. Like a dog, which refuses to leave his master’s side, the fragment ship remained close by. Although unobtrusive, yet close enough to the Terran formation, they could not forget its presence.

John Marshall, chief of the mutants, stepped next to Rhodan and followed his gaze. Marshall was a quiet man, known for his matter-of-fact decisions. In his presence, one always got the feeling Marshall was a lonely person; his silence sometimes gave the impression of sadness.

“How often are you going to keep looking at that ship, already?” chirped Pucky from the background. The mousebeaver had chosen the most comfortable place he could find within the command center: Claudrin’s pilot seat. The native from Epsal was currently in his small stateroom.

Although Pucky had directed his question toward Marshall, everyone who heard him knew that it was actually intended for Rhodan. More than anyone else on board, the mousebeaver had suffered from the inactivity, which the entire crew of the THEODORICH had been condemned to over the last few days. He wasted no opportunity to demonstrate his boredom.

“You are right, little one,” said Rhodan. “We have waited long enough.”

Pucky straightened up expectantly in his seat. His short mini-legs struggled in vain to reach the floor, despite the fact that Claudrin also was not a very tall man.

“Finally, it begins,” shouted Pucky in his high pitched voice. “I was starting to put down roots.”

“Do you actually want to risk the flight to the World of a Hundred Suns, chief?” asked Marshall. “Under the present circumstances, I’d say this could be dangerous.”

Rhodan shook his head. “I won’t be going personally, John,” he explained. “My presence on board the fragment ship could too easily be used for extortion.”

“That’s true,” Van Moders interrupted. “We’ll form a special squad of qualified men. I hereby volunteer myself.” He flushed, realizing too late that he had praised himself, contrary to the self-deprecating culture of the Solar Fleet. “Naturally, I meant that it would be good if one or two experts went along,” he added hastily.

With a quickness, which hardly anyone would have believed him capable, Pucky leaped from Claudrin’s armchair and waddled toward Rhodan. He would probably have traversed the short stretch with the help of his paranormal gift, if Rhodan had not already warned him against it so often before.

“And naturally, there must be a capable mutant in the special squad,” he announced. He left no doubt that he meant himself by his remark. In contrast to Van Moders, Pucky didn’t flush, as modesty had never been one of his strong points.

“Just a moment!” Rhodan dismissed him. “That’s not necessarily so!”

He went back to his place, picked up Atlan’s report and said, “Right now things are going on which could have tremendous consequences for us. If the Posbis don’t stop trying to destroy one another, our attempt to win them over as allies will soon become pointless. What would we be able to accomplish with only a few hundred?”

“The Chief is right,” agreed Marshall. “We can’t afford any mistakes. It is true, we must learn what is happening on the World of a Hundred Suns. Above all, we must determine whether we can be of any assistance to the Central Plasma.” A trace of a smile began to form on his lips. “I hereby nominate myself as a volunteer for the special mission to board the fragment ship.”

“Of course, he can nominate himself, whereas we must wait,” cried Pucky in disgust.

“We,” said Rhodan with a quick side-glance at the mousebeaver, “will not be taking part in this mission.”


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