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"Leap into the Intercosmos"

Although, the Posbi book is now on hold, fans may still be interested in the original promo material.  Below is an excerpt from Perry Rhodan #148, Leap Into the Intercosmos.

Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bell looked at each other. “All clear, Reg! As soon as you determine the position of the World of a Hundred Suns, you must come with the ships. Travel course as discussed. No matter what happens!”

“Don’t worry, Perry. You just be careful. Don’t you want to take one more ship? There’s enough room on those boxes.”

“I’ve considered the idea too, but I decided against it. Anything else, Reg?”

“All clear!”

“Then ‘til I see you on the World of a Hundred Suns!”

“Until then.”

Atlan only nodded to him. Bell watched the two most powerful men of the galaxy leave command central.

Once again, everything was at risk. Rhodan and Atlan were staking everything on a gambit to win over the Central Plasma as an ally. With the Posbi’s help, the people of the Milky Way could overcome the Laurin danger.

Three of the five Posbi ships were not occupied by the Terrans. Everyone fit comfortably on two Fragment Ships.

Over his mini-com, Rhodan reported that he and the X-1 had arrived safely. The second cruiser that stood in the huge dome hangar of number two, was an exception with regard to its designation. In contrast with the other three thousand ships, it possessed a name: GAUSS. And thus it betrayed what assignment it was to fulfill.

Short hypercom messages went back and forth. Bell announced that the plasma commanders of number one had resumed contact and were once again relaying a lengthy symbol message. In the middle of his sentence he became silent.

Rhodan and Atlan, who were sitting in the tiny headquarters of the X-1, suspected mischief. All the detection equipment of the X-1 was running, but whether they worked in the cathedral-like hangar was another matter. Suddenly, a voice rang out from behind them,   “If that wasn’t a structure detection . . .”

Hastily, the Arkonide turned toward the man. “Are you sure that was a structure shock . . .?”

Between them, Reginald Bell’s voice rang over the telecom. “Bell to the fleet! Approaching Posbi ships on the yellow vector. At any sign of opposition or beam discharges, fire with all weapons!”

During these seconds, Atlan and Rhodan felt like prisoners.

Unswerving, Bell thought about his friends and the three-thousand-man task force on the two Posbi ships, as he observed the eleven boxes on the screen and their course.

“What do you think, Jefe?”

The Epsalian considered and said after a short hesitation, “Nothing good. Our five cubes never indicated more ships were coming here from the World of a Hundred Suns. There! They’re shooting!”

From C-100, where the commander of the C division of the fleet resided, came the message,   “The attacking Posbi ships do not possess any relativity fields. We will attack with eight units per box.”

“Then there won’t be much left of them,” remarked Bell.

Perry Rhodan had alerted all available telepaths and teleporters in the X-1. “Teleport to the control center. Try . . .”

Bell’s announcement interrupted him. “The mutants from fleet-formation C have identified the Posbi ships as bio-hostile! No trace of plasmic emotional-impulses could be determined. The ships appear to be under the command of the Hypertronicon.”

Approximately nine hundred Terranian special ships fell upon the eleven attacking boxes, opening fire with their dangerous transformer beams. The Fragment Ships of the Posbi race, which had always been invulnerable under the protection of their relativity screens, were extremely vulnerable at this moment. None of the ships seemed to be able to develop a time screen. At least the measuring instruments of the Terran ships could detect nothing.

Under the concentrated fire of nine hundred cruisers of the state class, the gigantic cubes expired in glowing clouds, which expanded in all directions and then gradually diminished in brightness.

The fight lasted over half an hour. Five damaged Terranian spherical ships reported in. They wanted to try to struggle along to the distant Milky Way without outside help, so they would not delay the fleet.

Once again, Bell reported over hypercom, “The plasma of number one has announced it will bring you to the Innermost. It is ready to start!”

In that same moment, the gates of all five Fragment Ships closed with a mighty throbbing.

“Our journey is starting off very promising,” said Atlan ambiguously. Simultaneously, the pressure absorbers of the X-1 came on. The cube had begun its journey.


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