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Series Summary

Below is a copy of the series summary  from issues #1000 to #1399. 

Since this is of great interest to old fans and new, it is presented below. 


 The TerranA few days after the Base's return home to the Milky Way, an emissary for the Higher Powers, Carfesch the Sorgore, appeared and took Perry Rhodan to Eden II, the new home of the Superintelligence IT. There, the Terran gained new insights into the structure of the universe, which he had only superficially understood up to now.

In short, the Cosmocrats had apparently intended many thousands of years before that he and the Arkonide Atlan were to have cell activators (even before Rhodan's birth). The High Powers went to great effort to have the universe searched for potential carriers of the devices. The search met with success on Earth -- as we have seen.

IT gave the Terran the mission to start a Galaxy-wide trading organization, the Cosmic House. The House's actual task, however, would be the defense against the negative Superintelligence, Seth-Apophis, whose activities threatened IT's sphere of influence and thus the home of the human race. In the year 3588, Perry Rhodan replaced the old calendar with the New Galactic Era (NGE), in order to signal the beginning of a new era in the history of Mankind.

In August, 424 NGE, the Cosmic House was finally established on a widespread basis and had to fight off the first attacks by Seth-Apophis. Rhodan learned of the three Ultimate Questions, whose answers the Cosmocrats had been seeking for millions of years and which were of supposedly overwhelming cosmic importance. (What is the Frost Ruby? Where does the Endless Armada begin and where does it end? Who initiated THE LAW and what does it accomplish?) The Terran, too, began to search for the answers.

On the planet Khrat in the Norgan-Tur Galaxy 86 million light-years distant, Perry Rhodan was named a Knight of the Deep. This order was founded by the Cosmocrats more than two million years before, and its fundamental purpose was working to maintain a harmonic cosmic order. A very ancient legend said that the stars would go out when the last Knight of the Deep died.

Searching further, Perry Rhodan encountered the Porleyters, once the precursor organization of the Knights. Some 2.2 million years before, they completed their last achievement, the anchoring of the Frost Ruby, before retreating from the cosmic stage. The Frost Ruby was later revealed to be a cosmic nucleotide that had left its place in the Moral Code (see "The Cosmic Background"). It was at first used by Seth-Apophis as a terrible weapon; then, after its anchoring, it was misused as a storage depot for consciousnesses. Perry Rhodan and his companions were then confronted by a gigantic spacefleet, which at first they thought to be the Endless Armada mentioned in the Second Ultimate Question. Actually, the Endless Armada was really another name for the as yet unknown Moral Code. The Dragon Fleet had started out millions of years before in the Behaynien galaxy, the original location of the Frost Ruby (also called TRIICLE-9), and was now searching for the Cosmic Nucleotide in order to return it to its proper place.

The area once governed by TRIICLE-9 had now become the Negasphere, a gigantic region of space in which the laws of nature no longer applied and chaos reigned in its purest form. It was also the domain of the Master of the Elements, a Chaotarch who then sought to foil Perry Rhodan's plans by all possible means.

In the galaxy M82, the Terran managed to gain a victory over Seth-Apophis. After numerous battles and many losses, the negative Superintelligence was defeated once and for all on its homeworld Aitheran. With Taurec, the incarnation of a Cosmocrat entered the picture. The mysterious humanoid was apparently expelled by his fellows from behind the Matter Source, since he feverishly sought for a chance to remake himself in the spirit of the High Powers and so force his way back to the realm of the Cosmocrats. The recovery of the Frost Ruby seemed to him the perfect opportunity for that.

The FrostrubyOn the Earth in the meantime, another entity from the ranks of the High Powers was wreaking havoc. The renegade Cosmocrat Vishna, once brought to a fall by her own lust for power and now reconstituted in three incarnations (among them Gesil, Rhodan's later wife), sent seven plagues against the human race in order to subjugate it. She was defeated by Taurec at the last moment, and later she returned behind the Matter Source.

Rhodan then gained command of the Endless Armada. Carfesch turned up again and announced that Rhodan would have to take the gigantic fleet to six places where he had accomplished great deeds, the so-called Chrono-fossils. The positive energy collected there would then be released and so gradually loosen the anchor of the Frost Ruby. In the year 429 NGE, TRIICLE-9 returned to Behaynien and was once more integrated with the Moral Code. The Master of the Elements was killed by Gesil.


ORDOBANAt the Mountain of Creation, the foundation of the Cosmic Nucleotide, Perry Rhodan had the chance to find the answer to the third ultimate question, the question pertaining to THE LAW. At the last moment, however, he realized that the knowledge burning into his brain would overwhelm his mind, and he pulled back. A break resulted with the Cosmocrats, who could not forgive the Terran for this retreat.

Then Sotho Tal Ker (called "Stalker" for short) appeared in the Galaxy, an emissary of the Superintelligence Estartu. He told of the Third Way, a philosophy that rejected the polarization of Order and Chaos, and attempted to orient itself between the two extremes. Numerous Terrans headed enthusiastically for Estartu's sphere of influence, but there they learned that the Superintelligence had vanished without a trace long before and its governors had perverted the Third Way. Twelve Eternal Warriors ruled the territory and preached eternal conflict.


Travelers of the NetEven the Milky Way, where the Galacticum, a galactic government with more than 400 member races, had evolved out of the Galactic Coalition (GALCO), had fallen for the doctrine. Meanwhile, Perry Rhodan had joined an organization called the Travelers of the Net (TN), which considered itself the guardian of the Cosmic Nucleotide Dorifer. Dorifer lay in Estartu's sphere of influence and was responsible for the Milky Way in its function as part of the Moral Code.

With his fourth wife, Gesil, Rhodan had a daughter: Eirene, who was 16 years old in the year 445 NGE.

The rule of the Warriors was gradually weakened and the first victories over the overpowering enemies were scored. In the process, the trail of the missing Estartu was stumbled on along with its incredibly vast rescue plan.

TARKANBy means of Dorifer, the Superintelligence had received a cry for help from another universe. This universe -- called Tarkan -- was very old and had already gone into its contraction phase. Thus all its inhabitants were condemned to death sooner or later.

Accordingly, twenty-one races of the Hangay galaxy in Tarkan had devised a breathtakingly daring plan that now -- with Estartu's help -- was to be set in motion: Hangay would be transported into the standard universe in four sections. The Hexameron, the former Seven Powerful of Tarkan, attempted to block the plan, but finally had to give in. The Milky Way was freed from the warrior cult. Estartu returned to its sphere of influence and put an end to the perversion of the Third Way. Hangay finally materialized in the standard universe. Dorifer responded accordingly to this massive intervention in the cosmic regulating mechanism: the Cosmic Nucleotide closed up, in effect sealing itself off from the Einstein Universe.

At this point there was a fundamental change in the series direction. The scale and complexity of the plot structure had reached a level that the authors could no longer handle, to say nothing of the readers. There was no longer any way to add more levels of complexity to the skyscraper of cosmic structure without running the danger of the whole thing collapsing.

Thus the editorial staff decided to make a drastic cut, sending Cosmocrats and Cosmic Nucleotides to the bench for the time being and attempting to plot the next cycle with more comprehensible SF adventure.

For old-time readers, for whom the PR cosmos had all but become a literary and philosophical view of the universe, the disappointment was naturally very great. On the other hand, new readers now had a chance to start reading and get acquainted with the characters and plot structure without having to have an extensive knowledge of what had gone before. All that began with Perry Rhodan #1400.


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