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Perry Rhodan's reintroduction into North America occurs with an English translation of German number 1800. This is the start of a new cycle, so new readers will be able to understand the storyline right away.

See below for some samples out of Time Lapse.


For years, Perry Rhodan and his companions have been traveling far from home on board the gigantic spaceship BASE. First in Great Void, then in Arresum, the incredible region on "the other side of the universe," then finally in the small Galaxy called Hirdobaan.

As Perry Rhodan leaves Hirdobaan on board the BASE on December 31st 1220 of the New Galactic Calendar (corresponding to year 4807 in the old calendar), he has reason enough to be content: He and his crew were able to save the lives of thirty million intelligent beings in that galaxy; they helped to overthrow the tyrannical regime of the Maschtars, leaving the Hirdobaans free; and Rhodan and his friends assisted in bringing billions of lives forth to a dead cosmos.

However, questions remain, among them the question of the cosmic destiny of humanity. Now that the problems of the Bridge to Infinity have been overcome, it was time for the immortal Terran to revisit that question. And what was happening on Trokan, the world that now orbits in the place around the sun where for untold millions of years was to be found the planet Mars?

Perry Rhodan returns to a Galaxy in turmoil: New conflicts have emerged, and some ancient ones have returned. Into this maelstrom comes an event - the emergence of the TIME LAPSE...

A Million Days
October to November 1222 NGC

The chronicler considers the return of the Base to be a significant event. Although the ship would never again be used for a military purpose, and although Perry Rhodan would not vie for the post of First Terran, nevertheless the consequences of his return are obvious to the objective bystander.

First of all it was the Base that had brought from Hirdobaan a screen field generator with unknown functions. Billions of Imprint - addicts that the Hamamesch had left behind were cured of their addiction by this screen. A short stay in the screen field area was enough to eliminate almost all of the symptoms.

Surprisingly, however, the public did not credit this benefit to Perry Rhodan. As humanity had blocked the suffering out of its consciousness, so had they also blocked out the situation leading to their cure.

A general social tendency can be discerned here: The climate had changed - against the bearer of immortality.

(From: Hoschpian's unauthorized chronicle of the 13th century NGC; Chapter 12.3.3)

A rattling scrap heap fell back into Normal Space in the Halo - area of the Milky Way on October 1st, 1222 NGC. Or so it was said in the stories that spacefarers told each other in the following decades, growing more and more embellished over time.

The truth was somewhat different; as the Base was nowhere near falling apart. However, the vessel was no longer capable of traveling extreme distances, which was the measure of a long - distance spaceship. The level of damage to the ship's structure was not life threatening, although it was more than eight times greater than the specifications allowed for.

Three days later the huge ship, which had been built in the Sol system, limped to its home port at a modest speed.

The news of their appearance ran ahead. In the media of the Sol system it was a sensation - an event which pushed the Trokan crisis off the top of the headlines for a few hours.

The immortals had returned to Terra!

They received the usual reception (without, however, the presence of the first Terran, Koka Szari Misonan,) and the crew scattered in record time to all directions.

On October 4, 1222 NGC, Perry Rhodan set his feet on the Earth for the first time in decades. The shuttle Deepspace-Ferry, which had brought him and his friends down, took off noiselessly into the evening sky. With a deep breath he sucked in the air of Terrania in the former desert area of the Gobi, still cold and dry.

They had already noticed the whirling shadow that had taken the place of the planet Trokan in the former Mars orbit during their approach to the Sol system.

No one was able to tell them what was happening there. Whether nobody took the trouble or whether they were being ignored was difficult to determine.

"I do not understand that, Perry" complained Reginald Bell, his best friend from the earliest days. " I have never felt so strange here on Earth. What is it with Koka Szari Misonan?

"The first Terran has no time for us," answered Rhodan with a sudden feeling of bitterness.

"And this bald head that we have trailing us? This Geo Sheremdoc? He tells us that miraculous things are happening. Why don't we go see for ourselves? Anyway, what is it with Siankow?"

Rhodan shrugged his shoulders.

When they finally managed to get to the office of the First Terran, they were informed that their help was not needed in the Trokan crisis. Everything was under control, although if they wanted to they could prepare themselves in the event they were needed.

Rhodan And Bell looked at each other. None of them had an official function any more. Not even Homer G. Adams, who had supervised the Cosmic House up until the events around Korombach.

Only Myles Kantor, as the uncontested most important scholar of humanity, received so much as a grudging invitation to assist.

He could not get to the former Mars orbit quickly enough. At the same time, Rhodan knew that the situation on Trokan was perilous no matter what reassurances he received.

He, Bell, and Alaska Saedelaere spent the next several hours in a public reading area. They used everything the could lay their hands on - newspapers, trivideo - notes and any other information they could obtain.

Their first impression was frighteningly confirmed. They agreed that Trokan was a trouble spot that needed to be handled with utmost urgency. Unfortunately, at the moment they were unable to take the smallest action.



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