Perry Rhodan USA


by Michael Koeckritz (Mic)

A lot of work went into this summary, which gives the seasoned English speaking Perry Rhodan Fan as well as newcomers an opportunity to learn about this tremendous Science Fiction Saga. 

The Perry Rhodan Series was first published on September 8, 1961. Coincidently?, this is also my birth date.(1954, though). 

Michael Thiesen of Pabel-Moewig Verlag KG, Rastatt, wrote a summary in German as part of the Perry Rhodan Episode #1950. It reflects back to issue #1800 - a perfect point of continuation.

With permission of the publisher, I translated his summary for our English speaking readers.

Many thanks to John Foyt and Pabel Moewig Publishing.


Michael Koeckritz (Köckritz)

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

December, 2002 (Re-edited April 2014)




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