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Series Summary

The THOREGON Cycle stretches over 200 booklets. This is a massive cycle with many interesting twists, turns and surprises. It starts with #1800 and ends with #1999. 

Perry Rhodan and the other immortals were disconnected from the Sol system. On their home-world, the Terrans' point of view changed in such a way, that they rejected help from the immortals. Rhodan and his group were merely tolerated. The Arkonide Atlan was branded as Persona Non Grata (unwanted person) on the planets of the newly emerging Arkonide Imperium. 


1.    THOREGON protects the lives and cultures of it's members.

2.    The individual is worth as much as the collective. The well-being of the individual shall not    be sacrificed for superior purposes.

3    THOREGON fights for freedom.

This three sentence Charta was introduced to the Terrans by a Heliot, at the end of the year 1289 NGT (New Galactic Time) or 4876 according to the old Terran calendar. Mankind found out from this Energy life-form, that they had been chosen to become the sixth member of the Coalition of Thoregon. With their energy and initiatives, the humans were to save the coalition, which took over 10,000 years to form. The envoys of this secretive life-form invited many other races to join them. Those races were selected, because of their achievements in keeping the peace, within their respective Galaxies.

The first group was called the CREATORS. They came from the Galaxy  KARAKHOUM. Not much was known about those people. The second group were the Baolin-Nda who were living in a Hyper- Space Fold near the Galaxy SHOAGEN-HIMMELREICH (Kingdom of Heavens Shoagen). They were known as extra ordinary technicians, engineers and builders. The third group were the human-like Galorns. They were the leading nation of the Galaxy PLANTAGOO. After the Galorns, the Nonggos from the Galaxy GORHOON joined the coalition. Finally, the Hydrogen breathing Gharrer from the Galaxy CHEARTH also became members.

An outstanding individual of these particular groups of Thoregon members, was designated as an Envoy of Thoregon. In addition to their special outfits and technologies, these envoys also received a Passantum, an arm bracelet, which enabled them to make use of the Bridge to Eternity. By means of this bridge they stayed in contact with the member groups and the Council of Thoregon. The reinforcement and expansion of Thoregon had to be done in secrecy as the coalition had a powerful enemy by the name of Shabazza, also called Shee-bezza. A being that constantly changed it's looks and who was determined to undermine or destroy the Coalition of Thoregon.

Shabazza was extremely well informed about Thoregon, which led to the assumption that he had access to the inner circle of the coalition. He therefore knew about Thoregon's connection with the "Kettle", a zone, where the two Galaxies of DaGlausch and Salmenghest collided and slowly amalgamated. This zone was impassible for ordinary space ships and only the Virtual Ships of the Baolin-Nda, who had built these ships in their Delta-Space, could navigate this zone. Shabazza made a planet in the Galaxy of DaGlausch his home base, from which he operated. In addition to his extraordinary technical equipment, provided to him by his master, he also had fraudulently obtained nine Nano-Colonies. The Nano-Colonies, consisted of micro-miniaturized action-units, which could manipulate living hosts as well as technical equipment, thus becoming  an ultimate weapon. Originally, these  Nano-Colonies were supposed to be used by the Sixth Envoy of Thoregon ... Perry Rhodan!


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