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The Bridge to Eternity

Long before Perry Rhodan and his Terrans knew of the existence of Thoregon, the coalition had already prepared the membership for Mankind. While Rhodan was making his long way back to the Milky Way Galaxy in the year 1220 NGT, an Envoy presented him and his friend Atlan with a cube like black box and said to them: "When you open this box and interpret the signs correctly, then your way into the future will be a good one. If you do not recognize the signs, then the opposite can happen and every single new day could be your last - or your Judgment Day. Take this present and use it wisely. Everything will be good!"

Nobody knew at that time that the box contained a Passantum, the key to the Bridge to Eternity. It was designed to be a bridge to the Universe, as a path that connected all places, all times and all beings. The point of entry to the Bridge to Eternity were the Mushroomdomes which served as portals. The 99 meters tall structures were partially buried into the ground and had a mushroom-like hat on the top. Their outer shell did not show an entrance, only authorized beings were able to gain access. The planet Trokan, the new fourth planet of the Sol system, possessed a Mushroomdome. The barren world Trokan was placed into the Sol system in 1218 NGT. It came from the rear side of the Universe and served as a substitute for the planet Mars, which needed to be relocated as it posed a deadly threat to the Sol system. The Mushroomdome on Trokan was supposed to stay a secret until it was clear that the Terrans would join the coalition.

A dumb coincidence, however, spoiled the plan of the coalition. The intergalactic felon Kummerog, met the dying Fourth Envoy Zenndicyl Pervorat Zeun, who had fallen victim to Shabazza in the Galaxy BROENDER. The Nonggo gave Kummerog his Passantum with the request to pass on a message. ThThe Herreachis way, the felon gained knowledge about a High-Tech Arsenal, which the Baolin-Nda had constructed for Perry Rhodan, the Sixth Envoy of Thoregon.

Through Kummerog's manipulations, the arsenal was destroyed and the felon got to use the Bridge to Eternity, which led him to the Mushroomdome on Trokan. Kummerog had brought a device which initiated a time compressing effect. This device came from the arsenal of the Baolin-Nda. The planet shrouded itself with a field in which time passed at phenomenal speed. While the people in the Sol system lived through 70 years, the equivalent time behind the shroud was equal to 250 Million years ... time enough for the Herreach people to develop.


 Perry Rhodan visited Trokan just after the the compression effect had ended and discovered the Mushroomdome. The immortal Terran was attracted to the dome like magic and he penetrated the silvery shining shell. After going through a zone of fog, he was standing in front of a 10 meters wide bridge, which seemed to be made of pure graphite planks. The bridge was suspended in space while the supporting pillars ended in unfathomable depth. Neither the beginning nor the end of the bridge was visible.


While Perry Rhodan walked across the bridge, he saw millions of stars and their spinning planets, he beheld Black Holes and saw how the fiery wheels of slowly turning Galaxies expanded and collapsed. To him, it was, as if he was living through the cycles of birth and death of the Cosmos, as if he had felt the breath of creation. Perry Rhodan had discovered the Bridge to Eternity.




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