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 The Peace of PLANTAGOO

Perry Rhodan found the Passantum of the fourth Envoy of Thoregon on the Bridge to Eternity, which Kummerog had left behind. Together with his old buddy Reginald Bell, (Bull in the German version) he wandered across the black bridge of graphite-like planks and reached the Mushroomdome on the planet Galorn in the Galaxy PLANTAGOO (NGC 5949). The inhabitants of the planet had space faring technology that was behind by several hundred years in comparison to the Milky Way. The friends felt reminded of the days, when they themselves had started out to conquer the stars. Only the Galornes, the former inhabitants, possessed high technology means of space travel, but this Thoregon member nation seemed to have vanished a long time ago. Behind the scenes, though, the Galornes where keeping a watchful eye on their Galaxy. They insured the peace of PLANTAGOO.

Everyone who was threatening this peace could expect a powerful reaction by the Galornes. A punishment, known as the SHIFTING, would be implemented against any warring parties. The Galornes did not distinguish between aggressors or victims. The weapon was used against either party or just one of them. The Shifting caused aggressive behavior to disappear, while it also robbed the people on the receiving end of their motivation for living, cutting their life expectancy in half.

The Galornes had been very aggressive in their past and had conquered their Galaxy, imposing their rules onto PLANTAGOO. Then they began to brutally fight among themselves. Almost at the last moment, they discovered a method to save themselves from their boundless aggression. They created the Dragon-chutes. These were powerful mental-magnets, which pulled off the inherent aggressive potential, turning them into peace loving beings. Since the trauma of their past was deeply engrained in the Galornes psyche, they kept up the peace in PLANTAGOO by al means.

After a long and adventurous Odyssey, Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bell discovered the Galornes in their refuge. They were living in the Pentrical-Cloud. These blue skinned massively built humanoids were engaged in the erection of a Heliotian-Bastion. These humongous space stations were to go into operation at the beginning of the “Constitutional Year” of the Coalition of Thoregon. On the home-world of the Galornes, the planet Helter Baaken, Perry and Reg heard that the second Envoy, the Galaorne, Ce-Rhioton, had gone missing years ago. While Perry and Reg returned to the planet Galorn, Shabazza attacked!

Shabazza attacked the Galornes at their most vulnerable side. People, who were manipulated and controlled by Nano-Colonies, sabotaged the Dragon-Chutes in such a way, that the mental-magnets released the bad mental energy, which had been stored in them for hundreds of years. PLANTAGOO was flooded with waves of violence and the Galornes picked up their former deadly trade again.

To the surprise of Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bell, some previously shifted Zentrifaal people, helped reversing Shabazza’s manipulations, before PLANTAGOO would sink into a sea of flames. Perry’s innermost hopes did not come to pass, though. The Galornes did not extend more freedom to the nations of the PLANTAGOO Galaxy. Kaif Chiriatha, the leading personality of the Galornes, gave Perry a blue space suit equipped with fantastic technology; nevertheless, she did not sway in her doctrine to use the Shifting as a means of punishment to everyone who would threaten the peace of PLANTAGOO.

The adventures of Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bell on the Bridge to Eternity and in the Galorn Galaxy can be found in Episodes: 

1805, 1814 -1816, 1823 – 1825, 1834 – 1835, 1843 – 1845, 1852 – 1854, 1863 – 1865 and 1873 - 1875



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