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Goedda and the Dscherros

Although, Perry Rhodan was able to save the Galornes, Shabazza wanted not only to damage just a single member of the coalition. He wanted to devastate the whole structure and therefore attacked on several fronts. One of his goals was to eliminate the Terran factor, who didn’t even know at that time, that they were to become the sixth member nation of the coalition. To achieve this, he awoke the “Great Mother”. Goedda (pronounced: Go-Edda), a life form that posed a great danger. A long time ago, the Nonggos had captured Goedda and imprisoned her inside a big fold, a zone of absolute static and lack of motion. Goedda was a gigantic birthing organism and was created in the Galaxy of SUUVAR. Her purpose was to produce armies of warriors. The Great Mother however turned against her creators and depopulated the Galaxy of SUUVAR and had become a danger to the entire Cosmos. By orders of Thoregon, the Nonggos stopped her activities

Because of Shabazza’s interference, Goedda had become active again. Goedda’s children made their way into the Milky Way Galaxy and occupied numerous planets, while Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull were still stumbling around in PLANTAGOO. The populations of the occupied planets were under Goedda’s control. The people of 52 planets lost their lives so that Goedda’s powerful sons could be born. They were called: The Philosophers.

They in turn, settled on another 52 heavily populated planets. They created the “Breeding Cosmos”. A Hyper-Space Fold in which the Great Mother resided to produce more Offspring.

Billions of galactic beings had to fear for their lives, their spirits were to feed Goeddas’ growth.

Atlan and two other immortals, Dao-Lin-H’ay and the scientific genius Myles Kantor, were able to not only to destroy the Breeding Cosmos, but also Goedda.

At the end the Terrans were thankful to their strange new neighbors, the Herreach, who could lure the Philosophers in August 1289 NGT into the central galactic Black Hole, before the Philosophers could create another Great Mother.


Despite this rescue mission, the Terrans were skeptical towards the immortals. Already 50 years earlier, the immortals had resigned and disconnected themselves from Terra and established their own society on the planet CAMELOT.

The Constitutional Year of the Coalition of Thoregon was about to begin. On

September 23, 1289

NGT, a convoy of the Nonggos arrived in the Sol System. They brought a Heliotian Bastion, one of the space stations that were to build the Heliotian Web. This was a revolutionary transportation system. This Heliotian Bastion enabled the Thoregon Nations to transport 30 km long and 20 km wide planetary sections, in zero time. These so-called Factor Elements were than swapped with an Element from another Thoregon Nation. Before the Terrans were themselves clear about the magnitude of such a present, Shabazza attacked again!

The particular Heliotian Bastion which was to serve the Creators was kidnapped and sent to the Galaxy DaGlausch. There, Shabazza had discovered the horned Dscherro people. The Dscherros were nomadic space faring people and traveled plundering from planet to planet in their fortress like space ships. They were the new weapon against the Sixth Nation of Thoregon.

The Heliotian Bastion in the Sol System became active without warning. A part of the City of

Calcutta disappeared and was swapped with a building from the home system of the Nonggos. Alashan, a suburb of Terrania City, was also swapped, but in this case with a Dscherro fortress by the name of Gousharan. The barbaric Dscherro warriors immediately swarmed out and laid great parts of Terrania City in ruins. They raged among the population of Terrania City and took thousands of hostages, to pressure the Terran military into no action.   

Although, the Terrans managed to expel and destroy the Dscherros after a heavy struggle, Shabazza’s sabotaging agents had destroyed in the meantime all Heliotian Bastions. Calcutta-North and Alashan never reappeared, though. They seemed to have been lost in time and space. After all these experiences, the people of the Sol System were less and less interested to get drawn into intergalactic affairs again.





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The Heliotian Bastions and the Invasion of the Dscherros can be found in episodes:

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