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From the beginning, Shabazza, was himself very clear about the fact that it wasn't to be easy to eliminate the energetic Terrans. From 16 Million Light Years away, he prepared another attack against the Terrans. He was looking for another ally in the Galaxy of PUYDOR (NGC 5457) in his fight against the Terrans. He had a powerful female dreamer, Jii'Nevever in mind. The "Eminent Ones" had created Jii'Nevever and Guu'Nevever as incarnations of their fantasies and intellects, 30,000 years ago. Jii' and Guu' consisted of 5 dimensional oscillating Howalgonuim Crystals, which was called Tronium-Azint in PUYDOR. These two were to fulfill the legacy of the Nevever and bring peace to the Galaxy PUYDOR. Jii' and Guu' achieved this through guiding their people in their dreams. The warring Vamires, however revolted against this idea. They lured Guu' into a trap and attacked him with a new weapon. They called this weapon The Tronizator. The alleged death of her brother, drove Jii'Nevever into a rage and made her eliminate the Vamires. With her raging dreams, she drove the people of PUYDOR into a whirl of war and annihilation. On behalf of Thoregon, came the Nonggos and tamed the death bringing Jii'Nevever. They achieved that by launching a Time torpedo at her and her residence planet Curayo. As of that time a net of time fields covered that planet. Jii'Nevever was held captive in the midst of zones of paradox times.

Jii'Nevever, was become Shabazza's new weapon against Thoregon. Shabazza came up with a tricky scheme to free Jii'Nevever.

He wanted to turn the talents of his enemies against themselves. He kidnapped the immortals Michael Rhodan and Julian Tifflor, and made them to his willing tools. He implanted a chip into their neck area to control them. Shabazza sent them to Curayo to free Jii'Nevever. The two Terrans, however got lost in the time fields of that planet. Shabazza turned around and also kidnapped  the Mousebeaver Gucky and his friend the Haluter Icho Tolot. He gave them the same orders after he had also implanted a chip into their necks. The two friends discovered Julian Tifflor and Michael Rhodan on Curayo. Michael Rhodan was trapped in a turbo-time field and had lived in the meantime through 200 years on Curayo. This long time span had changed and transformed him into a mistrusting and hard man, who now called himself:  Torric the Lord of Times. All four of them were able to remove the time fields around Curayo and Jii'Nevever, and the dreamer began again to exercise her negative control over the people of PUYDOR.  




Gucky, Tifflor, and Tolot managed to free themselves from the chips and restricting influence of Shabazza. Michael Rhodan, however remained under Shabazza's control as his loyal Paladin. Together with Jii'Nevever and as Shabazza's substitute, he pushed and conquered the Galaxy PUYDOR.



 In the meantime, Gucky and his friends tried to organize the resistance against the new rulers of PUYDOR. Almost all seemed in vain as they came across Guu'Nevever, who was still captured in the Tronium-Azint trap of the Vamires. Even Guu'Nevever could not stop the dreamer of PUYDOR, his sister. Jii'Nevever absorbed her brother and together with Michael Rhodan prepared Shabazza's war plans against the Milky Way Galaxy. Just before Jii'Nevever's fleet was leaving for the Milky Way, Gucky, Tolot, and Tifflor cornered the dreamer by means of the same old weapon of the Vamires, the Tronizator, and destroyed her.




 Michael Rhodan who was still a follower of Shabazza, was captured by his immortal friends. He though fell victim to the personality of Torric. With Michael's cross style Flagship, the GAAFENOO, Gucky, Tifflor, and Tolot together left for the Milky Way. The journey back occurred at the end of July 1290 NGT.




The struggle of PUYDOR can be found in Perry Rhodan episodes:

1904 - 1907, 1915 - 1918, 1929 - 1931 and 1939 - 1941



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