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The Nonggos and the Monks

Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull used the Bridge to Eternity to reach the Baolin-Nda. They had to realize though, that the entrance to the Delta Space was blocked. They decided therefore to use the way to the Mushroomdome located on the planet Kenteulen in the GORHOON Galaxy (NGC 5204). They reached the Nonggos and discovered their way of life. The Nonggos had a SBS-Chip implanted already at birth. This enabled them to stay in contact with the NEURON. The NEURON interconnected them with each other and everything else. A Nonggo would feel great agony, should he ever become disconnected from this web. A long time ago, the Nonggos had sliced up their planet Ongg and had converted the slices into spherical wheels, which from then on, were orbiting the sun Teuller. The Nonggos settled at the inner and outer edges of the wheels. On one of these Kenteulen wheels was the Mushroomdome located. This was also the place where Calcutta-North had rematerialized.

The explosion of the Heliotian Bastion had also awoken the KONT. The KONT interrupted the essential network of the NEURON. Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull could however appease the KONT, and avoid the destruction of the Nonggo Civilization. In appreciation, the Nonggo, Down Kempesh Kort, who was also the Fourth Envoy of Thoregon, provided Perry Rhodan with a Spindle Type Space Ship the KAU-RANG.

Together with some people of Calcutta-North, they started on a journey to the Galaxy SHAOGEN-HIMMELREICH. This Galaxy was the home of the Baolin-Nda. Nobody knew anything about the Baolin-Nda, when they arrived in SHAOGEN-HIMMELREICH. The predominant people were the Monks.

 Their belief in the Shaogen-Starlight-Beam was deeply engrained in their culture. Every 70 hours they were penetrated by that light making them feel to be in direct contact with the Devine one. Since the light had stopped shining for now 60 years, their culture was deeply shaken in its foundation.

The now became  subject to the attacks by the Traal-Countercult. Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull assisted Siebenton, who was the leading Monk of Wolkenart, in the struggle against the Traal Cult. They eventually came across the path of an invisible planet. There they were transferred by means of a transmitter sphere into the Baolin Delta Space. This Hyper-Space Fold was devastated.

Tautanbyrk and Viviaree were the only survivors of the formerly 100,000 people strong Baolin-Nda. Everyone else had fallen victim to a Nano Colony, which Shabazza had smuggled into their environment. The destructive work of the Nano Colony, did not only destroy the space station used to generate the Starlight Beam, but had also cost the lives of Kuntherherr and Ce Rhioton, the two missing Envoys of Thoregon. The virtual space ships of the Baolin-Nda could escape, however. Perry Rhodan and his friends saved the lives of Tautanbyrk and Viviaree. They found out that the doll like bodies of the genius scientists and builders Baolin-Nda, were just robot shells, in which a small grey lump of cell matter represented their soul. They managed to repair the Starlight Beam, and even increased the range of it, so it could now shine throughout the whole Galaxy.

 An Envoy from Thoregon arrived at the Mushroomdome of the Baolin-Nda Delta Space. The ball shaped energy being announced, that the Terrans were chosen to be the Sixth Nation of  the Coalition of Thoregon. He declared Perry Rhodan as the Sixth Envoy of Thoregon. The Heliot further explained, that the legendary SOL was to be Perry Rhodan's new Flagship. The SOL, which had disappeared hundreds of years ago, was however in the hands of Shabazza and located in the WHIRLPOOL Double Galaxy. (NGC 5194 and NGC 5195).




Perry Rhodan's stay with the Nonggos can be found in episodes: 

1883 - 1885.

The adventures in SHAOGEN-HIMMELREICH and in the Baolin Delta Space can be found in 1890 - 1895 and 1899 - 1900



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