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The Space Tremor Galaxies


Shabazza had manipulated Tessma Insectoids, which were eating away on the tools and equipment of the Baolin-Nda, which were integrated into the KAU-RANG space ship, while Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull were on the way to the WHIRLPOOL Galaxies. They could only save themselves by landing on a planet in the small Galaxy of SALMENGHEST  (NGC5195). The people of SALMENGHEST were living in constant fear of the terrible dimensional tremors. DaGLAUSCH (NGC 5194) was the larger one of the two Galaxies. These dimensional tremors, also called Kettle Tremors, lasted for 10 to 20 years and had their origin in the so-called Kettle. This was a region where the two Galaxies amalgamated and intersected. The Kettle had a diameter of 15,000 light years and was absolutely impassible by ordinary space ships. Hyper-magnetic chaos and the pressure of 5 dimensional energy, dominated this area and discharged as Kettle Tremors over the two Galaxies. These tremors could develop at any time with very little early warning. Shortly after Perry Rhodan and his crew arrived in the double Galaxy, which was called WHIRLPOOL in the terrestrial catalogs, they witnessed how a planetary system was wiped out, leaving only a fraction of the population to survive.


A tremor researcher and scientist by the name of Eismer Störmengord, saved Perry Rhodan and his stranded crew. The center for tremor research was located in the Circle of Zophengorn. The established Guild of Tremor Researchers was investigating the tremors for hundreds of years already. Still, they could not provide accurate early warning, when or where a tremor was about to take place. The effected people could only hope to survive the duration of the tremor, while they were in tremor custody. They were lucky when they made it through these time alive, as most tremors destroyed whole planetary systems. If, during a tremor, the system was not destroyed, it forced the people to live with the most basic means, as high technology would not function. They could still face total extinction.

With the assistance of Eismer Störmengord, Perry Rhodan found the lost suburb of Terrania City, Alashan, which had been transported to DaGLAUSCH. Alashan was stranded on the planet Thorrim. The Thorrimers had accepted their new neighbors and assisted them were ever possible. This way, the people of Alashan developed a new society. 

They now proudly called themselves : "Terra-Nation-Alashan".

The Mayor of Alashan, Stendal Navajo and the former Chief of the Terran Intelligence Agency, Gia de Moleon, struggled together against the many dangers which the Galaxy DaGLAUSCH had to offer. Among them were the Dscherro hordes, who were living in DaGLAUSCH. Perry Rhodan missed to meet his old friend Alaska Saedelaere, who had been transferred to Thorrim together with Alashan. A virtual ship of the Baolin-Nda, had picked up Alaska Saedelaere before Perry Rhodan arrived on Thorrim. Alaska had left for an unknown destination.

Perry Rhodan searched for the SOL and found Shabazza's tracks. This lead him to Shabazza's base planet, Century. Shabazza had created an army of billions of Karrago-Robots, that controlled a tight web of operations bases in DaGLAUSCH and SALMENGHEST. They were copies of an Android by the name of I-Karrago, who Perry Rhodan had already encountered in the cosmic factory Materia.


So far, the robots were not able to penetrate into the Kettle region. On the other hand, Shabazza was able to take over the leading position as Director 10 of the Tremor Research Guild. Perry Rhodan discovered, on a secret visit to Materia, that the SOL had been re-fitted with most modern technology. The flagship of the new Sixth Envoy was still in the hands of the worst enemy of THOREGON, though. Gia de Moleon and Stendal Navajo refused to assist Perry Rhodan in his search for the SOL.

They did not want to weaken their position in DaGLAUSCH. Eventually they recognized, that Shabazza could also become a threat to Thorrim and Alashan. They provided Perry Rhodan with a number of well trained members of the former Terran Intelligence Agency and the space ship GOOD HOPE III. Perry Rhodan, then left for the planet Century to oppose Shabazza. He was accompanied by Reginald Bull and also Mondra Diamond, with whom Perry Rhodan had fallen in love on his adventures in SHAOGEN-HIMMELREICH, SALMENGHEST and DaGLAUSCH. 



The Struggle of the Terra-Nation-Alashan can be found in episodes: 

1910 - 1914, 1920, 1925, 1928, 1932 and 1944 - 1945

The other adventures of Perry Rhodan and his friends in the Galaxies of SALMENGHEST and DaGLAUSCH can be found in episodes: 

1901 - 1903, 1908 - 1909, 1919 - 1920, 1925 - 1927, 1933 - 1935 and 1942 - 1945


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