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The Fifth Envoy

The situation in the Milky Way Galaxy further developed, while Perry Rhodan was active in the DaGLAUSCH Galaxy. Two important factors contributed to it. The first factor was, that the Arkonides, who had become the most potential military power, tried to unify the Galaxy under the skeptical and critical eyes of the other galactic nations. The galactic nations came together for their first meeting in the new Galacticum, which was located on the Crystal Planet of Arkon. The Solmotians, peaceful beings, who lived in the waters of the planet Cyan, mediated and brought everybody to the negotiating table. After that the Milky Way Galaxy seemed to be secure for the time being.

The second factor was Terra. While Terra was still recovering from the attacks of the Dscherros, the deadly mutant Vincent Garron, irritated the situation again. Vincent Garron was held prisoner in the Para Bunker on the Saturn Moon Mimas. He could escape, however and committed horrible murders. Garron's activities were all part of the problems, which developed on Terra. In addition, the election campaigns for the new First Terran, were on the way. The popular candidate, Solder Brant, with his nationalistic paroles and rhetoric, was on the best way to win the election and defeat the current First Terran, Paola Daschmagan. A win by Solder Brant, would have had an unbelievable impact on terrestrial-galactic politics. And if this wasn't enough, the Fifth Envoy of Thoregon suddenly appeared on Trokan. Mhogena had come via the Mushroomdome from the Galaxy CHEARTH. He came from a species of Hydrogen breathers, the Gharrers, who were also incorrectly classified as Methane breathers. His forefathers had come to the Galaxy CHEARTH, 50,000 years ago on their escape from the Milky Way Galaxy. In CHEARTH they had developed a peaceful society.

The most important task for the Gharros was to keep the Guan a Var, also known as the Monsters of Luipaz, imprisoned. The Gharros and their allies were now threatened by the Algiotian Wanderers, who were raging war against CHEARTH. They wanted to set free the Guan a Var. This could have meant the destruction of CHEARTH and other Galaxies, possibly also the Milky Way. Mhogena's only hope was to get help from the nations of the Milky Way Galaxy. He needed the galactic fleets to assist him in the struggle against the Algiotian Wanderers. The death mutant Vincent Garron was captured by Mhogena and de-activated. Paola Daschmagan was able to win the election as the new (old) First Terran, thus de-nationalizing Terra's galactic politics. A galactic fleet for the rescue of CHEARTH was, however not created.


Only the GILGAMESH, the spaceship of the immortals, lead by Atlan the Arkonide, as well as 10 ships of the Maahks, who regarded themselves as relatives and forefathers of the Gharrers, were participating in the expedition to CHEARTH.


The occurrences in the Milky Way, after the Dscherro Invasion can be found in episodes:

1921 - 1924, 1936 - 1938 and 1946 - 1949



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