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RhoCon-1: some recollections of the very first Perry Rhodan Convension in the USA 
The RhoCon-1 sections were kindly supplied by the organizer and chairman Tim Whalen.

As is likely clear to fans by now, Vector’s effort to bring Perry Rhodan to the English speaking market is currently on hiatus.  This has to do with VPM’s desire to work with larger publishers.  I wish them well in their search.

If anything changes concerning VPM’s desire to use me (or not use me) as an English licensee, I’ll post it here immediately. In the meantime, pray for good translation software to come on the market (g).


John Foyt

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Visit VPM’s new English oriented page at  VPM has asked that I promote their new English language website. It seems, however, that this site ranks at the top of the Internet engines. When searching for “Perry Rhodan” and “US”, people come here instead of their site.  Well, who can argue with the source of Perry Rhodan, so here’s the link.  Be sure to click on “Contact Us” and give them your remarks.


If you want to contact me, or talk to other Rhofans, please, use the following links: 

Dominic Lopez has a Rhodan fan group on Yahoo.

For email, write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Posbi Invasion related: Forry wrote an introduction to Posbi Invasion. Although, never used, there’s no reason to hold it back from fans. I’ve uploaded the introduction here.  Used with permission of Forrest J Ackerman.

The cover to Posbi Invasion is now available.  I hope the fans enjoy looking at it.

Used with permission of Ralph VoltzArtwork copyright 1998 Vector Enterprises.

Original Webpage:

We put a lot of work into site back when it was the Official Perry Rhodan English Language Homepage.  We can no longer call it official, but the site is still of interest to Rhofans.

The original site is now back up, thanks to the hard work of Rhofan Steve Taylor.  It’s got a lot of interesting items – series summary, FAQ, graphics, and fan stories.  If you haven’t seen it in a while, or have never seen it before, take a look.


 I’ve left the teasers for Posbi Invasion up for anyone who wants to read them. 

                 BEHIND THE WALL OF TIME.
                 THE MACHINES RUN AMOK

WHAT IS POSBI INVASION?: This book covers the last four stories in the Posbi cycle.  Longtime fans will remember that the Posbi storyline had only four issues left when the original English run of Perry Rhodan ended.


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