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Editor's Note:  The following pages are archived from the period when Vector Enterprises was actively involved in publishing Perry Rhodan. Although that effort is now on hiatus, the original site contains a wealth of information that may be of interest to fans. The site is archived as it was in 1998.  Information about publishing of future books and magazines is no longer correct.

This page is dedicated to the English speaking fans of the German space adventure series Perry Rhodan. Although only 145 issues of Perry Rhodan were translated into English, the series is going strong in Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and France. The Germans recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of Perry Rhodan, and are up to issue number 1890! In Germany there are also monthly pocket novels, hardbound collections of Perry Rhodan issues, technical manuals, and other consumer products.

The biggest news right now is that RHODAN IS BACK! Yes, Verlagsunion Pabel-Moewig has agreed to let us, Vector Enterprises, bring back Perry Rhodan to the North American market. We are starting with #1800 of the German run, which is a recent issue. Number 1800 is titled TIME LAPSE and is written by Robert Feldhoff. The English version will feature the first half of the series summary and a Lexicon to help bring readers up to speed. But you can read the entire Series Summary right here, and check out the FAQ for information about the new characters now.

The first English issue of Perry Rhodan is the start of a new storyline, referred to as "The Bridge To Eternity" referring to a quest that IT alluded to as Perry returned to the Milky Way. The Bridge To Eternity begins when strange events take place on Trokan, a mysterious planet that has replaced the planet Mars.

The most important recent Rhodan event was at the Worldcon in San Antonio over Labor Day weekend, 1997. We had a booth with copies of TIME LAPSE (a few weeks before general release), consumer products, artwork, and demos of upcoming CD ROM games. We also covered the Worldcon with our own media team. Check out our updates on programming by Eckhard Schwettman, Marketing Director at VPM, series Editor in Chief Klaus N. Frick, and author Robert Feldhoff. Not to mention, pictures from our Perry Rhodan party. Check it out!

Fans of the older material, don't worry: As soon as the market is established, we are planning to do a second edition of the older series. Some people out there must still be wondering what happened with the Posbis...

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